Once upon a time there was a little girl who watched old movies all day long and preferably those movies where the heroes wore the most elegant jewellerys with lots of rhinestone and gold. The girl dreamed about once she would be able to wear these jewellerys and perhaps even make them.

The girl grew up and began to work with jewels, clothes and interior design, for instance at Mengel CPH. 
Even though these jobs were interesting, the woman still missed the beatuiful jewellerys from the old days, those that were so glittering and feminine.
And when the woman couldn't find what she was looking for, she decided that the time was right to make them herself, just the way she wanted them.

Said and done and in the early Spring of 2014 Rigmor Mengel started  Madame Bijoux Copenhagen, that produces  jewellery , accessories , bags and dresses that Rigmor thinks every woman deserves to wear!
Madame Bijoux Copenhagen | Rosenørns allé 27a, 1970 Frederiksberg - Denmark | Phone: +45 40311321 |